Closure Vs Frontal: 4 Important Points

Closure Vs Frontal

Do you want to know the difference between closures and frontals? Look no further! In this article, we’ll break it down for you in a technical and informative manner.

You’ll learn about the similarities and differences between closures and frontals, helping you make the best choice.

Get ready to unleash your power with the knowledge of closure vs frontal wigs.

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What are the frontals and closuresClosure Vs Frontal

Frontals and closures are both types of hairpieces that are used to complete a hairstyle.

A frontal is a hairpiece that covers the entire front hairline from ear to ear.

On the other hand, a closure is a smaller piece that’s used to close off the top or crown of the head.

Both frontals and closures are made with a lace base that allows for a natural-looking scalp and hairline.

Lace frontals

Have you seen the lace frontals that are trending in the hair industry right now? These innovative hairpieces are revolutionizing the way we style our hair. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Versatility: Lace frontals offer limitless styling options. You can part your hair anywhere, create a natural-looking hairline, and even wear your hair in a ponytail or an updo.
  • Natural Appearance: The sheer lace material blends seamlessly with your scalp, giving the illusion that the hair is growing directly from your own head. This creates a more realistic and natural look.
  • Customization: Lace frontals can be customized to match your exact hair color, texture, and density. This allows for a seamless integration with your natural hair, making it difficult to distinguish between the two.

With the power of lace frontals, you can achieve any hairstyle you desire while maintaining a natural and flawless appearance. So why wait? Join the trend and elevate your hair game with lace frontals!

Lace closures

You can also explore lace closures, which offer a seamless and natural-looking finish to complete your hairstyle. Lace closures are a popular choice for those looking for a natural and realistic appearance. Made with a lace base and individual hair strands, lace closures are designed to blend seamlessly with your own hairline.

They’re typically smaller in size compared to lace frontals, covering only a small portion of the scalp. This makes lace closures ideal for those who want to create a natural-looking parting or add volume to thinning hair. Lace closures are also more versatile than lace frontals, as they can be easily styled into different hairstyles.

With their realistic appearance and versatility, lace closures are a great option for achieving a flawless and powerful look.

Closure vs frontal: What are the similarities

If you’re wondering about the similarities between closure and frontal, let’s explore them together. These two hair extensions are popular choices for those looking to enhance their appearance. Here are a few key points to consider:

  • Similarities in Construction:
  • Both closure and frontal are made from human or synthetic hair.
  • They’re designed to blend seamlessly with your natural hair.
  • Similarities in Functionality:
  • Closure and frontal both provide coverage for the top and front of the head.
  • They can be used to create a natural-looking part or hairline.

By understanding these similarities, you can make an informed decision about which option is best suited for your needs. Whether you’re looking for added volume or a flawless hairline, both closure and frontal offer powerful solutions.

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Closure vs frontal: What’s the difference

When it comes to closure vs frontal, understanding the differences is crucial.

Closure refers to a hairpiece that’s used to cover the top of the head, while frontal is a hairpiece that covers the entire front hairline.

The main distinction lies in their size and placement, with closure being smaller and placed at the crown, while frontal is larger and covers the entire front area of the head.

Closure vs frontal: The Pros and cons

There are several pros and cons to consider when deciding between closure and frontal for your hair extensions.

  • Pros of Closure:
  • Provides a natural-looking hairline and scalp illusion.
  • Offers versatility in styling options, allowing for various parting styles.
  • Cons of Closure:
  • Limited coverage area, making it difficult to achieve a full and voluminous look.
  • Requires proper maintenance to prevent tangling and shedding.
  • Pros of Frontal:
  • Provides a larger coverage area, ensuring a fuller and more natural appearance.
  • Allows for versatile styling options, including high ponytails and multiple parting styles.
  • Cons of Frontal:
  • Requires more maintenance and careful installation due to the larger size.
  • Can be more expensive compared to closures.

Consider these pros and cons carefully to make an informed decision that suits your desired look and maintenance preferences.

Whether you choose closure or frontal, both options have their own benefits and drawbacks, so choose wisely to achieve the powerful and captivating hairstyle you desire.

Closure vs frontal: The size

You should carefully consider the size difference between closure and frontal when deciding which option is best for your desired hairstyle.

Both closure and frontal are popular choices for achieving a natural-looking hairline and adding volume to your hairstyle.

However, they differ in terms of size. A closure is a smaller piece of hair that’s typically used to cover the top area of the head. It provides a natural-looking scalp appearance and can be placed in different positions for versatility.

On the other hand, a frontal is a larger piece that covers the entire front hairline from ear to ear. It allows for more styling options and gives a more realistic look.

Consider your desired hairstyle and the amount of coverage you need when choosing between closure and frontal.

Closure vs frontal: The price

The price of closure and frontal varies depending on the quality and type of hair used. When considering the price of closures, keep in mind that lace closures are typically more affordable than silk closures. On the other hand, the cost of frontals tends to be higher due to the larger size and the amount of work involved in their production.

Here are two sub-lists to help you better understand the price variations:

  1. Factors affecting closure prices:
  2. Hair quality: Virgin hair closures are typically more expensive than synthetic hair closures.
  3. Closure type: Silk closures tend to be pricier than lace closures.
  4. Factors affecting frontal prices:
  5. Hair quality: Frontals made with virgin hair are generally more costly than those made with synthetic hair.
  6. Size: Larger frontals require more hair and labor, resulting in higher prices.

Understanding these factors will empower you to make informed decisions when purchasing closures or frontals.

Closure vs frontal: The material

When choosing between closure and frontal, consider the material used for a more natural and seamless look. The material plays a crucial role in achieving a powerful and commanding appearance.

Closures are typically made from either Swiss lace or silk base, while frontals are commonly constructed using lace or silk base as well. Swiss lace is a popular choice due to its thin and transparent nature, allowing for a more realistic scalp-like appearance. Silk base closures provide a more durable option, as the material is thicker and less prone to tearing or fraying.

Lace frontals offer versatility with their ability to be styled in various ways, while silk base frontals provide a more natural-looking hairline. Ultimately, the choice between closure and frontal material depends on your desired aesthetic and the level of power you wish to exude.

Closure vs frontal: The flexibility

Sometimes closures offer more flexibility than frontals, allowing you to change hairstyles more frequently. Closures are smaller hairpieces that cover a specific area of the scalp, typically the top or crown. On the other hand, frontals are larger and cover the entire front hairline from ear to ear. Here are two reasons why closures can provide more versatility:

  • Natural parting: Closures are designed with a natural-looking part, which allows for various parting options. You can create a middle part, side part, or even a deep side part, giving you the freedom to switch up your style effortlessly.
  • Easy installation: Closures are generally easier to install than frontals. They require less maintenance and can be sewn or glued directly onto the braided base. This convenience allows for faster hairstyle changes and reduces the chances of damaging your natural hair.

With closures, you can confidently experiment with different looks, showcasing your power and style.

Frontal vs closure: Which is the best option for you

You should consider which option, frontal or closure, is the best for you.

When it comes to hair extensions, both frontal and closure are popular choices. Frontals are larger pieces that cover the entire hairline from ear to ear, while closures are smaller pieces that cover a smaller area, typically at the top or front of the head.

The main difference between the two lies in their construction and application. Frontals offer a more versatile styling option, allowing for a natural-looking hairline and the ability to part the hair in various ways. On the other hand, closures provide a more natural scalp appearance and are easier to install.

Ultimately, the choice between frontal and closure depends on your personal preferences and desired look. Consider factors such as styling options, installation ease, and desired level of realism when making your decision.

Where to buy high-quality closure and frontal wigs?

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  • Customization: AWE Hair provides customization services, ensuring a perfect fit and complementing your unique style.
  • Ethical Sourcing: AWE Hair prides itself on ethically sourcing their hair, setting them apart from other vendors.
  • Customer Satisfaction: With a strong track record of customer satisfaction, AWE Hair delivers high-quality wigs that meet or exceed expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Frontals and Closures Typically Last?

Frontals and closures typically last between 4-6 weeks depending on how well they are cared for. Proper maintenance, such as gentle washing and avoiding excessive heat, can help extend their lifespan.

Can Frontals and Closures Be Dyed or Colored?

Yes, frontals and closures can be dyed or colored. They are made of human hair or synthetic fibers that can be treated with hair dye or color. Make sure to follow proper dyeing techniques for best results.

Are Frontals and Closures Suitable for All Hair Types?

Frontals and closures are suitable for all hair types. They provide a seamless and natural look, regardless of your hair texture. Their versatility allows you to achieve any desired style, giving you the power to rock any look confidently.

Do Frontals and Closures Require Special Care and Maintenance?

Frontals and closures require special care and maintenance. Regular washing and conditioning, gentle handling, and proper storage are essential. Avoid excessive heat styling and chemical treatments to prolong their lifespan.

Can Frontals and Closures Be Reused After Removal?

Yes, frontals and closures can be reused after removal. However, it is important to properly care for and maintain them to ensure their longevity. Follow the recommended guidelines for cleaning and storing to extend their lifespan.


In conclusion, while both closures and frontals serve the purpose of creating a natural-looking hairline, there are some key differences between the two.

Closures are smaller in size and cover a specific area, while frontals are larger and cover the entire front hairline.

The choice between the two depends on personal preference and desired hairstyle.

When purchasing closure or frontal wigs, it’s important to choose a reputable and reliable source to ensure high-quality products.


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