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Welcome to AWE Hair

Hello, beautiful! Welcome to AWE Hair International, the ultimate destination for all your hair dreams to come true. We are your new best friends in the journey of transformation, helping you unveil your inner diva, one strand at a time. You see, we believe in the power of a good hair day and the extraordinary confidence it brings. We understand the secret language of hair and how it speaks to your personality. And guess what? We’re here to make your hair speak volumes – literally and figuratively.

Imagine a world where you wake up every day with the hair of your dreams. The kind of hair that makes heads turn and hearts flutter. The kind of hair that doesn’t just add to your beauty but amplifies it. That’s exactly what we offer here at AWE Hair. Whether you’re craving more length, dreaming of more volume, or simply itching for a change, we’ve got you covered. Our top-notch hair extensions and wigs are meticulously crafted to cater to your unique needs and style.

But we aren’t just about selling hair products. No, darling, we’re about creating experiences. The moment you choose AWE Hair, you become part of a community, a family. A family that believes in the magic of transformation and the power of self-expression. A family that cheers you on as you step into a world of limitless possibilities with your new, luscious locks.

And hey, we get it. The world of hair extensions can be overwhelming. But worry not, because we’re here for you, ready to guide you every step of the way. Be it choosing the right product, understanding how to care for it, or deciding on a style, we’ve got your back. We’re not just about making sales; we’re about building relationships. We’re about being there for you, answering your questions, clearing your doubts, and making sure you’re 100% satisfied.

At AWE Hair, we’re revolutionizing the hair game, one strand at a time. We’re about redefining norms, breaking barriers, and inspiring boldness. We’re about empowering you to be the best version of yourself. So, are you ready to embark on this exciting journey with us? Are you ready to transform your hair and unleash your true potential? We sure are.

Our Business Principles:

  • Client Obsessed: Your satisfaction isn’t just a goal; it’s our mantra. We’re all in for you, day and night.
  • Realness: Authenticity is our middle name. We keep it 100% – from our business practices to our hair products.
  • Innovation Driven: We’re tech geeks at heart. We’re always on the lookout for the latest tech and research to bring you the best in hair.

Browse through our various categories of hair extensions and select the perfect one.

Get ready to conquer the world, one strand at a time. With AWE Hair, every day is a runway. Because, darling, you were born to shine. Let’s get you the hair you deserve.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission, and it’s all about you. We believe every woman should have the chance to feel fabulous, and nothing screams fabulous like killer hair. Whether you’re grappling with hair loss or just looking to switch up your style, we’re here to add that extra oomph to your look. At AWE Hair International, we’re changing lives, one strand at a time.


Creativity isn’t just what we do; it’s who we are. We live and breathe hair, and we’re always pushing the envelope when it comes to styles and trends. Our wigs and extensions are loved worldwide for their luscious, silky texture and natural appearance. We’re here to make sure you’re not just on top of the game but ahead of it.


We’re not just about beauty; we’re about beauty that lasts. Every single piece of Remy hair we use is 100% human hair, and trust us, we’re picky. Each product goes through a thorough inspection before it gets to you. With a little TLC from your side, our weaves can be your hair’s BFF for a long time.

Our Team

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The best team available

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High quality standards

Each hair extension and wig is made with 100 % human hair. They are hand selected by our experts. They stitch them to perfection. We strongly practice integrity, quality, and honesty in everything we do here at Awe Hair International. We ensure that all process, be it sourcing or production, is done in a safe, clean, and ethical manner.


We at Awe Hair International do not use synthetic hair strands that are not versatile enough. We stick to complete purity standards. Our Indian Remy hair is not processed or chemically treated. The cuticles of our hair extensions and wigs are kept intact.

Professional care

Our deep expertise and detailed knowledge of the marketplace have let us develop a vast variety of hair extension collections that can cater to the different needs of various types of customers at a great price.

Styled to perfection

We are passionate about our work. We understand the confidence hair instills. We have crafted every step to make sure the extensions and wigs our clients get are of top-class quality, soft, and very long-lasting. We are keeping pace with quality and new styles with our sincere efforts.

Personalized experience

With the help of the latest processing facility, we are able enough to fulfill the specific texture and size demands of both our domestic and international customers

We love what we do

With our experience in offering 100 % virgin Remy Indian hair, AWE Hair International is able to serve the needs of its customers. We are able to adapt to the new human hair trends along with technology.