Why You Should Not Choose Chinese or Synthetic Hair?

why you should not choose Chinese or synthetic hair

Hello everyone! As a hair extension specialist, I’m here to share why natural human hair is the top choice when it comes to hair extensions. Allow me to elaborate on why you should not choose Chinese or synthetic hair if you’re seeking quality and long-lasting results. At first glance, Chinese and synthetic hair may seem like decent options, but they fall short when compared to natural hair.

Although investing in high-quality natural human hair can be expensive, the numerous advantages make it worth the initial cost. Natural human hair enables you to effortlessly style your extensions and feel confident, without concerns about damage or breakage from heat styling tools. With appropriate care and maintenance, you can maintain the fresh look of your extensions for months – something that Chinese or synthetic hair simply can’t achieve. So let’s explore the differences between these options and natural human hair, ensuring you receive the best value for your money with natural human hair extensions!

Short Lifespan

In the world of hair extensions, there’s no denying the confidence and allure they can provide. However, when deciding which type to select, certain options fall short – such as Chinese or synthetic hair. These two choices may offer a temporary fix, but their limited lifespan makes them more of a hassle than they’re worth in the long run.why you should not choose Chinese or synthetic hair

While Chinese and synthetic hair might appear enticing due to their low cost and ease of application, the reality is that these materials lack both quality and durability. Not only do they deteriorate quickly under heat styling or exposure to moisture, often resulting in an unattractive frizzy mess after just a few weeks of use; their overall lifespan is also significantly shorter compared to human hair extensions. Therefore, if you desire your new appearance to endure longer than a couple of months, it’s best to avoid these types and understand why you should not choose Chinese or synthetic hair.


Chinese/synthetic hair may be cheaper, but the quality is often lower than that of human hair. Synthetic hair, in particular, tends to have an artificial look and feel, which can be a giveaway that you’re wearing a wig or extensions. Chinese hair is also often treated with harsh chemicals to achieve a certain texture or color, which can damage the hair and reduce its lifespan.

High Maintenance

It’s hard to resist the allure of Chinese and synthetic hair, as it’s often more affordable than human hair, making it seem like an easy choice for those on a tight budget. However, the reality is that these types of extensions demand more upkeep to maintain their appearance. They tend to become tangled easily and require regular brushing or combing. Additionally, you must exercise caution when using styling products, as they can harm the fibers in these materials, resulting in subpar outcomes.

Furthermore, if you neglect proper care for your Chinese or synthetic hair extensions, they will gradually appear unnatural – something no one desires! So, although these types of hair might seem appealing at first glance for those looking to save money, it’s truly worthwhile in the long run to invest in high-quality human hair extensions and understand why you should not choose Chinese or synthetic hair.


While Chinese/synthetic hair may be more affordable in the short term, it may end up costing you more in the long run. Synthetic hair, in particular, can easily tangle and shed, which means you’ll have to replace it more frequently. Chinese hair, while stronger than synthetic hair, may also not hold up as well as human hair in terms of longevity.

Unnatural Appearance

Understanding the distinction between high-quality hair extensions and Chinese or synthetic hair is crucial when aiming for a natural appearance. As an extension expert with years of experience, I can attest that selecting top-notch hair makes a world of difference. Synthetic hair not only falls short in terms of softness and shine compared to human hair, but it also often looks unnatural due to its limited color and texture options.why you should not choose Chinese or synthetic hair

Moreover, synthetic fibers lack elasticity, making them much more susceptible to tangling than human hair. If you don’t maintain your extensions properly, such as daily brushing and using a quality conditioner, you may find yourself with a tangled mess in no time. This could leave you feeling self-conscious about your artificial locks rather than confident and attractive. Therefore, if you desire a seamless, natural-looking result every day, opt for human hair to achieve the best outcome and understand why you should not choose Chinese or synthetic hair.

Styling Options

If you choose Chinese or synthetic hair, your styling options may be limited. Synthetic hair cannot be heat-styled, which means you won’t be able to use hot tools like curling irons or straighteners to achieve a certain look. Chinese hair may be heat-styled, but the quality of the hair may not hold up to the repeated use of hot tools.

Uncomfortable And Irritating

Opting for Chinese or synthetic hair for your hair extensions can lead to discomfort and irritation. Synthetic fibers are often rougher than natural human hair, making them less enjoyable to touch and wear. Depending on the fiber quality, it could cause an itchy scalp due to poor breathability. Furthermore, since synthetic fiber is not as durable as human hair, it may shed more easily and become tangled faster.

Here are a few additional points worth considering:why you should not choose Chinese or synthetic hair

  • Synthetic hair has limited styling options – heat styling or curling these types of extensions is not possible.
  • Chinese hair may contain toxic chemicals used during production, potentially leading to irritations like rashes and burning sensations after prolonged wear.
  • Both types of hair lack moisture retention, necessitating regular use of leave-in conditioners, making maintenance more challenging compared to human hair extensions.
  • Synthetic fibers aren’t as versatile, so don’t expect many style changes throughout their lifespan.

Taking everything into account, selecting Chinese or synthetic hair for your extensions isn’t the best choice, particularly when considering their impact on the health of your natural hair. This is why you should not choose Chinese or synthetic hair for your extensions.

Ethical Concerns

Many Chinese hair extensions are made from hair that has been collected from hair salons or hairbrushes, without the knowledge or consent of the original owners. This means that the hair may not have been ethically sourced, which can be a concern for some people. Synthetic hair, while not made from human hair, may also be produced in factories that have questionable labor practices.

Damage To Your Natural Hair

Opting for Chinese or synthetic hair for extensions can lead to a multitude of issues. The inferior quality of these materials can result in problems ranging from tangling and matting to harming your natural hair. In essence, you’d be playing with fire – and once it starts, there’s no stopping it!

Synthetic fibers are not designed to replicate the texture and strength of genuine human hair, which means they won’t blend seamlessly with your own tresses. Consequently, when brushing or styling your new look, you risk tugging on your natural strands, potentially causing breakage. Moreover, synthetic fibers cannot withstand the heat produced by blow dryers and curling irons; this could cause them to melt and create an unattractive mess. Furthermore, due to their poor moisture absorption, Chinese and synthetic hair often becomes matted and tangled rapidly, leading to challenges in detangling them without inflicting further damage to both the extension hair and your own hair. This is why you should not choose Chinese or synthetic hair for your extensions.

Frequently Asked Questions
why you should not choose Chinese or synthetic hair

 Typical Lifespan Of Chinese Or Synthetic Hair? 

In terms of durability, Chinese and synthetic hair extensions pale in comparison to human hair. Synthetic hair is intended for short-term usage and generally won’t last beyond 6 months with appropriate care. Conversely, with proper maintenance, Chinese or synthetic extensions usually endure between 3-4 months before requiring replacement. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to acknowledge that these types of extensions lack the robustness of human hair ones, so I’d recommend investing in the latter if you’re considering long-term wear. This is why you should not choose Chinese or synthetic hair for your extensions.

 Maintenance Needed For Chinese Or Synthetic Hair? 

In terms of upkeep, synthetic and Chinese hair extensions demand particular care. To keep your extensions looking their best, it’s vital to ensure they are adequately maintained. Firstly, use a wide-toothed comb to gently detangle, avoid brushing wet hair, and keep heat styling tools like flat irons or curling irons on low settings. Moreover, every two weeks, cleanse your extensions with a gentle shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for synthetic and human hair blend extensions, which helps maintain the extension’s cuticle health and protection from damage.

Lastly, always allow your extensions to air dry after washing, as using blow dryers may cause split ends in the hair strands. By following these straightforward tips, you can effectively maintain your synthetic or Chinese hair extensions – but this is why you should not choose Chinese or synthetic hair and opt for a low-maintenance option like human hair extensions instead.

 Enhancing Natural Appearance Of Chinese Or Synthetic Hair? why you should not choose Chinese or synthetic hair

Although Chinese and synthetic hair extensions lack the natural appearance of real human hair, there are methods to enhance their natural look. Utilizing techniques like color blending or incorporating highlights can aid in creating a smooth transition between your natural hair and the extensions. Furthermore, applying styling products such as root-lifting sprays and volumizing creams can generate texture and movement, resulting in a more authentic look. However, these extra steps are why you should not choose Chinese or synthetic hair and opt for real human hair extensions that already possess a natural appearance, ensuring gorgeous locks that will undoubtedly grab attention.

 Comfort Level Of Wearing Chinese Or Synthetic Hair For Extended Periods? 

Choosing Chinese or synthetic hair extensions might not be the most comfortable option for you. Although they are lightweight and simple to install, their rigidity can cause discomfort during long periods of wear. Indeed, these artificial strands don’t have the flexibility of real human hair, potentially pulling on your scalp after a few hours. If you desire hair extensions that won’t result in a headache, opting for natural hair is undoubtedly the best choice!

 Impact Of Chinese Or Synthetic Hair On Natural Hair Health? 

In the realm of hair extensions, maintaining the health of your natural hair should be paramount. Regrettably, Chinese and synthetic hair can negatively impact even the healthiest locks, as their artificial materials are not suitable for long-term wear. The abrasive fibers create tension and breakage in your existing hair, potentially causing lasting damage if used for extended periods. It’s crucial to monitor for split ends and other indications of stress while wearing these types of extensions, allowing you to modify your routine or transition to a more beneficial alternative, such as human hair extensions.

Few Final Words
In the realm of hair extensions, numerous options exist; however, Chinese or synthetic hair should not be your top choice if you desire a lasting, natural appearance. These types of hair demand excessive maintenance and can be uncomfortable when worn for extended durations. Moreover, using these extensions might even harm your natural hair over time. For the most stunning and healthy outcomes, choose human-made Remy hair extensions instead. Renowned for its enduring beauty and resilience, this type of extension will grant you an effortless look that sets you apart from the crowd! This is why you should not choose Chinese or synthetic hair for your extensions.

Swarnali Ghosh

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