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Clip-in Bangs

Want Instant Glam? Why Wait? Try Clip In Hair Bangs Today!

  • Instantly elevate your style with clip in hair bangs, adding glamour within minutes.
  • Versatile fashion magic for all occasions, complementing both Indian and western attire.
  • No commitment – achieve perfect bangs without a permanent change.
  • Switch styles whenever you desire.
  • Budget-friendly glamour.

Why wait? Experience clip in hair bangs today! Click ‘Add to Cart‘ and redefine your style effortlessly. Your instant makeover is just a clip away!

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4.9/5 Stars

Bang On Beauty: Perks of Clip In Hair Bangs

Bang On Beauty: Perks of Clip In Hair Bangs

Introducing: Clip In Hair Bangs

  • Instantly Amp Up Your Style with Clip In Hair Bangs.
  • Achieve perfect bangs with no commitment, switch styles effortlessly.
  • Specially designed for Indian hair.
  • Seamlessly blending for a natural look.
  • Effortlessly transform your appearance in minutes.
  • No salon visits needed.

clip-in bangs

Check Out What Others Are Saying

Kasturi Borra
Kasturi Borra
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I was skeptical at first, but these patches work like a charm! They blend perfectly with my hair, offering seamless coverage. I don't feel self-conscious anymore - it's been a real game-changer for my confidence.
Prerna Joshi
Prerna Joshi
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These patches are so easy to use and they blend in perfectly. Nobody at work even noticed. I've started receiving more compliments and I'm loving the extra confidence.
Kamini Garg
Kamini Garg
Read More
So, I tried these patches and they're really good! No more worrying about my thinning hair. It's like a secret confidence booster. I've started receiving nice comments about my hair too.
Parminder Choudhry
Parminder Choudhry
Read More
It's amazing how these patches have changed my daily life. No more staring at my hair in the mirror worried about patches. And you know what? Compliments are a nice bonus!
Ankita Sura
Ankita Sura
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These patches are a total 'paisa vasool'. Now, I don't worry about my office colleagues spotting my thinning hair. I feel so much more confident. Plus, the compliments - 'bilkul badhiya'!
Navami Nagy
Navami Nagy
Read More
Really yaar, these patches are super. My cousins at the family reunion couldn't even tell I had them on! All the compliments have made me feel so much more confident.
Jagruti Merchant
Jagruti Merchant
Read More
No more 'chinta' about my hair thanks to these patches. My friends and colleagues can't stop complimenting me. It's like a 'dhoom-dhadaka' for my self-esteem
Lakshmi Dey
Lakshmi Dey
Read More
These patches? So easy to use and they work really well. I've been feeling a lot better about myself lately, and even my friends have noticed. Top-notch
Riya Gara
Riya Gara
Read More
Yaar, these patches are a life saver. No more stressing about hair loss at work.
Smriti Basu
Smriti Basu
Read More
Trust me, these patches are game changers! Discreet, blendable, and oh-so-effective. The newfound confidence is empowering. I've been getting so many compliments lately - it feels fantastic!

Snap, Clip, Wow: Unleash Your Style!

clip-in bangs

  • Instantly add a trendy touch to your youthful look.
  • Change your style without the commitment of a permanent cut.
  • Perfect for social events, parties, or casual hangouts.
  • Easily experiment with various hairstyles without salon visits.
  • Boost confidence with a fresh, playful appearance.

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These patches are game changers! Discreet, blendable, and oh-so-effective. The newfound confidence is empowering. I've been getting so many compliments! - S. Basu

These patches are game changers! Discreet, blendable, and oh-so-effective. The newfound confidence is empowering. I've been getting so many compliments! - S. Basu
clip-in bangs

Beauty in Budget: Click for Cute Bangs!

  • Specially designed for easy blending with youthful hair textures.
  • Effortless style upgrade for any outfit or occasion.
  • Affordable glamour that won’t break your budget.
  • Quick transformation for impromptu photoshoots or social events.
  • Enhance your beauty with natural-looking, easy-to-use clip in hair bangs.

Author picture

These patches? So easy to use and they work really well. I've been feeling a lot better about myself lately, and even my friends have noticed. Top-notch - L. Dey

These patches? So easy to use and they work really well. I've been feeling a lot better about myself lately, and even my friends have noticed. Top-notch - L. Dey
clip-in bangs
clip-in bangs

Regain Confidence: Look Good, Feel Good

invisible cover up patch
clip-in bangs

  • Crafted for all Indian women.
  • Hair patches blend effortlessly with your hair.
  • Enjoy fuller, more voluminous hair.
  • Unnoticeable even to your closest companions.


Use our Hair Extensions correctly and they're eternal.


Our extensions are designed to be totally safe for your hair!


Our extensions keep both time and money in your pocket.


Become a hair guru in a flash with our speedy setup extensions!

Visualize the Freedom: Say Goodbye to your Hair Worries

  • Imagine attending social functions or family gatherings stress-free.
  • Cut your hair prep time down drastically.
  • Fumble less, slay more with our easy to use patches.

invisible cover up patch


Easy to care for, perfect for busy schedules.


Get it delivered at no extra cost.


Assured best value for top-quality.


Hassle-free returns and exchanges.

Try Clip In Bangs Today!

clip-in bangs

  • Refresh your hairstyle in minutes.
  • Step out with newfound confidence, turning heads wherever you go.
  • Effortlessly switch up your look.
  • Affordable and convenient way to stay trendy.

Don’t let the hassle of styling weigh you down. Transform your style, boost your confidence, and embrace a life of effortless beauty with clip in hair bangs. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now, and step into a world where confidence meets convenience! Your transformation awaits!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our customer service team is here to help you find the perfect match. Send us a photo of your hair in natural lighting, and we’ll recommend the best color for you.

Yes! Our Clip-in Bangs are made from 100% human hair, so you can safely use heat tools like curling irons and straighteners.

With proper care and maintenance, our Clip-in Bangs can last up to 24 months or more.

Shipping is beween 2 – 5 days after processing period is over.
For Shipping, Return and Refund policies, please refer to the links in the footer.

You can choose the hair length based on how long you want it to look. Here are a couple of
useful tips to consider:

  • When you’re not sure, go for a longer length because you can always cut it down later.
  • If you plan to use extensions, it’s easier to blend them if they are close to your hair’s length or just a bit longer. Don’t worry, you can still blend longer extensions with short hair.
  • Take a look at the image below to see how long each option is:

clip-in bangs

Our hair products come with a simple clip-based system, making them super easy to use.

To apply, just gently press the clip’s sides to open it, and then position the product in your hair. Once it’s in the perfect spot, press the sides of the clip again to secure it in place. It’s that easy! You can attach it effortlessly with minimal effort.

Our hair extensions are incredibly lightweight! You might feel like there’s something on your head at first, but trust me, within minutes, you’ll get used to it, and you’ll be able to comfortably wear it all 
day long! 
All our products are made out of 100% Virgin Remy Human Hair. 
  • Gently Detangle: Use a wide-tooth comb or brush to carefully detangle the patch before and after use.
  • Cleanse & Condition: Wash the patch using gentle shampoo and conditioner every 10-15 wears or when product buildup occurs.
  • Store Safely: Keep your patch in a clean, dry environment, away from direct sunlight, when not in use.
  • Minimize Heat Exposure: Limit the use of heat styling tools and always use a heat protectant to prolong the life of your patch.

15 reviews for Clip-in Bangs

  1. Vineeta Mann

    Who knew a little change could make such a big difference! These clip-in bangs have given my hair a whole new look. The quality is great, and they’re super easy to put in and take out.

  2. Urmi Dave

    Wow, these are amazing! It took me less than 5 minutes to put them on and they blend in so well with my hair. Plus, they give me a fresh, fun look!

  3. Charu Bose

    These are perfect for anyone like me who loves changing their hairstyle but hates commitment. They’re simple to install and they look so natural. Definitely a good buy.

  4. Roma Atwal

    I’m in love with these clip-in bangs! They blend seamlessly with my own hair and they’re so easy to use. Now I can switch up my style whenever I want without any commitment!

  5. Nitika Philip

    I’ve always wanted to try bangs but was too scared to take the plunge. These clip-ins are perfect! They look so real and were easy to install. I’m getting compliments left and right!

  6. Divya Muni

    Got these on a whim and they turned out to be fantastic! Made of real human hair, they feel and look super natural. So happy with my purchase.

  7. Anjana Sachdeva

    The quality of these clip-in bangs is fantastic. They’re easy to use, and the best part is they don’t damage my natural hair. I’m so glad I found these.

  8. Himani Raju

    These bangs are a game-changer! No more expensive salon visits. I can change my look right at home. They are so easy to use and feel incredibly natural.

  9. Runjhun Nayak

    Such a fun way to change up my look! These bangs are easy to clip in and they blend so well with my natural hair. I’m seriously impressed and would definitely recommend!

  10. Naina Pau

    I’ve always been scared of cutting my hair, but with these clip-in bangs, I can try out new looks without the fear. They’re made of 100% human hair and feel great. I’m so excited to experiment!

  11. Kasturi Vyas

    I’ve tried a few hair extensions and these are by far the best. The quality of the hair is top-notch, and they last forever with the right care. The color is rich and adds a nice touch to my overall look. Would highly recommend!

  12. Indrani Bhandari

    These are a game changer! The extensions are so easy to clip in and style. They add just the right amount of volume and the color is gorgeous. Super happy with my purchase and can’t wait to wear them out.

  13. Charu Ramakrishnan

    What a game-changer! I was a bit hesitant at first, but these add-on fringes are incredible. You get a fresh new look without a permanent commitment – I love the versatility it offers. The quality is also top-notch, it feels just like my natural hair. Highly recommend!

  14. Chhavi Sharma

    I’m absolutely obsessed with these clip-in fringes. I can’t believe how easy they are to apply and the transformation is instant. It’s such a fun way to mix up my look without the hassle or expense of a salon. Plus, they blend perfectly with my hair, it’s like magic!

  15. Sushmita Sridhar

    Stumbled upon these hair extensions recently and I’ve gotta say, they’re fantastic! Great for when I want to switch up my style or when I’m feeling adventurous. They’re super easy to use and maintain, and the fact that they’re made from human hair makes a world of difference. Definitely worth a try!

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